I’m a Texas girl with a weakness for leopard print, a love for laughter, and a passion for Jesus Christ. I believe in the power of prayer and also the power of eating dessert before dinner. I enjoy warm sunshine, fresh cut flowers from my garden, sparkly things, and puppies. I love high heels, glitz, and glamour almost as much as I love a cozy night in with a good movie, my family, and a piece of my homemade chocolate cake. 

I am a photographer who creates from the heart. I am a curator of real and authentic imagery that radiates joy, warmth, and beauty. I love giving to those who need a little extra sunshine, encouraging others to chase their dreams, and celebrating life, complete with cupcakes and confetti. I am an artist down to my core and my life is a reflection of my Creator, the true source of my joy, love, and creativity.

Hi. I'm Amy.

"I help people see their true beauty and self worth."

our foundation


OUR FAITH BASED AND FAMILY ORIENTED COMPANY BELIEVES IN THE POWER OF LOVING GOD AND LOVING OTHERS. we specialize in quality time, story telling, and laughing so hard that our bellies ache. Our clients like us because we personalize our services to fit their needs, and they stick around because they know we are genuine when we say they are welcome back any time. Most of all, we put god first, family second, and humbly serve everyone who crosses our path.


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